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My injury (or how I fell while running slow)

I've never claimed to be the most coordinated girl on the block. Heck, I once got hurt playing miniature golf. (Granted I was goofing around, using the edges of the course as a balance beam, but still, it was a mini-golf injury).

Which is why I have kept mum on the topic of injuries as much as possible this summer. If anyone was going to get hurt training for her first triathlon, it would be me. I did have some knee issues back in June, but a tapered workout schedule plus some better flexibility exercises and I was quickly back in business.

Then came yesterday.

I was out for my easy 30 minute run and two blocks from home I stumbled over some tree branches in the sidewalk.

The fall came in super slow motion.

You've heard of someone falling gracefully?

Yeah, that totally was not me.

I skinned my right knee slightly but really did a number on my right forearm, skinning it enough to cause some blood pooling on my arm.

It didn't look too bad. Everything else felt good. So I finished my run.

The injury certainly won't keep me out of Sunday's Finger Lakes Triathlon, but I will have to come up with a better bandaging plan as my open water swim last night stung a bit -- even with my injury encased in my wetsuit.

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