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On Kenyan cyclists and Ryan Lochte

As my scrapped up forearm heals nicely (at least it will make me look tough for Sunday's grand finale Finger Lakes Triathlon) I trolled the Internet for interesting stories since my training volume is pretty low this week.

Of particular interest was an article in the London Guardian about Kenyan cyclists. While African runners have dominated international distance running, no one from those countries has ever been a professional cyclist. That may be slowly changing. As the piece explains, last month two amateur Kenyan cyclists won a time trial on the Alpe D'Huez, a blue chip stage finish of the Tour de France. It might not be too long before an African rider becomes part of a pro team and rides in the Tour.

Meanwhile, amidst all the Michael Phelps hype, Ryan Lochte is making the media rounds albeit with less hype. Lochte won two gold and two bronze medals in Beijing but still is best known as Michael Phelps best friend, training partner and rival. Lochte is involved with a charity for the first time, being the national spokesman for the Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy group and apparently is interested in being a fashion designer.

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