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Running for the donut

The last two miles, the most prominent thing on my mind was a donut.

At the start of the St. Catharine's Half Marathon on Sunday I noticed the setup of the post race "recovery zone" as the sign labeled it. Runners got to fill bags up with good things, like fruit and pita bread and organic granola bars.

And at the end of the table were donuts.

It was one of the silly thoughts that got me through the final part of the run. After a summer of racing and a year of really healthy eating, I was going to shove a donut in my face as quickly as possible. I even used profanity to describe my donut desire while on the run.

Granted, it's not like I haven't had a donut in years. After swimming the mile at Carly's Crossing I shoved two Krispy Kremes in my mouth -- largely because the other food choice was a hotdog or hamburger, neither of which I eat.

This amused my friend Joe who was with me: "Are those healthy vegetarian donuts?"

OK. Point taken. But I was hungry.

As I dreamed of my donut I thought of the other culinary treats I was going to give myself, including, but not limited to, any type of apple pie/strudel/crumble dessert  and L.A. Cinnamon Bread French Toast. Again, it's not that I deprived myself during training -- just that certain things I categorized as luxuries.

And now is the time to cash in.

When I looked at my training plan to see how my coach was starting off my "off-season" workouts I noticed something unusual -- an entire rest week.

A whole week off? Was she serious? I didn't comprehend.

"You have two weeks off," she told me. "But your homework is to think of three things you accomplished this year and three things you accomplished that you didn't expect to."

I'll be contemplating that over my french toast breakfast.

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