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The last bit of race prep

My race strategy for tomorrow is pretty darn simple.

My coach wants me to stay in control in the swim, push my strength (the bike) and push the final mile of the run.

Pretty uncomplicated and yet I still feel a bit like I did before my first race in Keuka ... an uneasy mixture of excitement and nervousness.

I suppose that factor never really goes away. Being a bit nervous is actually a good thing and one way of defining competition is performing a skill while dealing with nerves. The adrenaline takes you through a lot and can get you through the difficult parts -- like the start of the swim. The key for me seems to be controlling the adrenaline and not getting so pumped up that I forget how to actually swim.

Control and relax.

This week has been an extremely light training week with two complete days off and under four hours of workouts leading up to the race. This morning I did a light 20 minute bike ride followed by an easy-paced 10-minute run.

Physically I feel ready to go.

Now it's time to put it all together, to have fun and to remember just how far I've come since that first triathlon on June 8.

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