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Finding my strength

This weekend I will be reunited with my friend, Michele, whom I met on the Women's Quest trip to Italy last fall.

Among the planned events, we're planning to do a hike on Sunday afternoon.

And so I asked my coach to remind me of the rule: Does the hike take the place of the easy-paced run I have scheduled?

"Last year, yes," she replied in a an email. "Preparing for the marathon, do both."

Insert her evil laugh here.

But I was kind of glad.

Bring it on.

There are some days when my workout is the only sane part of my day. And as other things in my life continue to seemingly swirl out of control my workouts become more focused and more intense. Pile it on. Let me run long, do swim drills forever and bike as hard as I can. The pain of the workout momentarily blocks the emotional and mental pain that otherwise has the potential to paralyze me. It becomes more than just an outlet -- it becomes my source of strength.

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