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On family support and Ironman Florida

One way to gage how much your family and friends support you -- they sneak you into their gym for a workout.

Friday brought a visit to my brother and sister-in-law and while I woke up early enough to get in an hour's worth of cycling on my trainer, my lack of preparation for a weekend out of town meant I didn't get in my 30-minute run.

Never fear. I was able to rather easily get into their gym and onto a treadmill.

Heck, for lunch I even got a very nice tofu-based sandwich. I mean, what more can a girl want?

What means most, though, is the ease with which my sibling and sibling-in-law helped me get not only my workout in, but my nutritional quirks, I mean needs, met. If you have an athlete in your life, never underestimate the importance of support.

Meanwhile on Saturday, while I'm doing another 30-minute run, others will be competing in Ironman Florida. I now know a handful of athletes who will be competing there, but one of special interest is Curt Eggers, the husband of my coach, Mary of Train This! While I'll be reuniting with friends I met during my cycling trip to Italy, I will sneak in a few trips to see the updates on the Ironman site and track his progress.

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