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Skill development

At least my workouts aren't boring.

Granted, they're kicking my butt.

And at times I need notes taped to my bike (which has securely become a stationary bike on a trainer in the basement) but right now, two workouts ever seem to be quite the same.

This is what my coach called the "transition phase" of my training. I forgot to ask her exactly what transition phase means but after that we start building my fitness base.

Perhaps this is my transition away from my off-season donuts back into the reality of training with a purpose.

Last year, my workouts primarily were varations of just doing the three disciplines. I would swim. I would bike. I would run.

Now, there's more funky stuff in the workouts.

Like yesterday's bike workout where I spent five minutes pedaling with just my rigth foot (with my bike on a trainer ... don't worry. I wasn't in traffic) then five minutes pedaling with just my left foot.

Trust me, it's harder than it sounds.

Today during my swim workout, I'll spend most of the time doing one drill: the finger tip drag. My actual "swimming" time will be reduced to my warmup and cool down laps.

The idea is to work on skill technique and strength. The repetition builds habits, hopefully good ones, which will carry me through tougher workouts and increase my speed and efficiency in competition.

At least that's the plan. If I'm going to finish my 1.2 mile swim next September in Muskoka within the time limit (something around 1 hour and 10 minutes) then I need all the skill development I can get.

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