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Believing in consistency

It's been a difficult week.

We all have them. Times when the universe seems to dump more on you than you can possibly handle.

And at times like these, training for a marathon in May and a half Ironman in September seems, well, almost silly.

To be accurate, I'm in my third week of base training. This is where I up my general fitness level and work on skill improvement. It's important, of course. The time put in during the offseason can help you achieve your goals. But one workout won't make or break your season.

This is not an all-or-nothing endeavor.

Life is not an all-or-nothing endeavor.

There are a million shades of gray.

So last night when I went out for my hour-long run and my heart rate monitor wasn't working, I didn't really care. I still went out, did my run -- without an iPod and without an electronic device to track my workout. Just a watch to tell me how long I had been running.

My workout called for an easy-paced run and I felt that's what I did. The run cleared my mind, though it didn't clear my heart. But trust me, a quiet mind is a treasure in my world.

As life takes some swings at me, I find that my workouts do offer solace. More importantly, I think that the consistency is most important. As long as I get out there and run, get in the pool and swim, hop on my bike trainer and spin, I'm getting better. I'm getting stronger. I notice when I lose focus and what happens when I lose focus.

I'm not trying to tackle that particular flaw in either my workouts or in my life. Right now I'm just noticing it.

A wise person once told me: Don't resist what is.

Simple but difficult.

But worth it in the end.

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