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The possibilities in the story of Ken Mink

Deciding that I needed to mix up my time on the bike trainer, I downloaded the podcast of Only a Game -- the sports radio show on NPR. It was my background while I peddled through an hour of endurance on my stationary road bike.

Aside from offering a nice change of pace, it introduced me to the story of Ken Mink. Mink is a 73-year old player on a junior college men's basketball team in Tennessee.

You might be choking back a "gimmick" right now, but Mink isn't. Oh, he is 73 years old and while in good shape not someone who has defied the aging process. But he can play. He can shoot. And he can contribute to the team.

During the story, his teammates, all 19 and 20-year olds, said that Mink was an inspiration. After all, if he can drive to school, take a full load of classes and still give his all at practice, why the heck can't they?

Mink also gives voice the idea that nothing is truly impossible if you try hard and believe in yourself. Doesn't matter if you're 13, 33 or 73.

It's all about your mind. It's all about your attitude.

And so I think of what attitude I want to bring to the Turkey Trot tomorrow. It will be my first appearance in the oldest road race in the country. What should I be striving for?

On this race, of all races, the goal for me is to forget things like time and pace. It will be about having fun. About running with gratitude.

And knowing that nothing is really impossible.

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