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Recovery week begins

My grandfather is slightly embarrassed about the way he moves. We keep telling him that in his 80s he doesn't have to move quickly or gracefully ... that moving at all is the key. But it takes him quite some time to get out of a chair. He has to push himself off with both hands and slightly grimace.

"Don't ever get old," he then will say.

I can add, or run an endurance event.

The technique that my grandfather used to get out of his chair? That was me the entire day after the half marathon. Pushing away from the breakfast table where I had my required post-race pancakes was a struggle.

And I'm not exaggerating.

When we boarded the plane and had that slight incline down the runway ramp? Yeah, my quadriceps were screaming.

"Sue!" I practically yelled. "OW!"

She laughed and shook her head in agreement.

Still, I didn't understand why I was so gimpy. I mean, I didn't feel this much pain after running St. Catharines in September. And I only did the half marathon, not the full.

Ok, Point One: As I was reminded by my travel posse I ran seven minutes faster than the last one. Yes, I did that because I am in better shape and trained for it, but I still ran seven minutes faster. That means I ran harder. Of course I'm going to be sore. That's why I earned that really cool medal.

Point Two: I need to stop qualifying. Because nothing is "just" or "only" unless you make it that way. I ran 13.1 miles. That's pretty darn far. Running a 5K can be pretty darn far. Heck, running a mile can seem forever. It's all about where you are at and what meaning lies in the run for you. We have different reasons for running and each one is valid to that individual.

I tend to qualifying a lot of things in my life. It's a safe way to down play my accomplishments, to allow myself to continue to think that the things I do aren't all that special. But running my first destination race and setting a PR by seven minutes? Well, that's something to celebrate and be proud of and not qualify with the "only a half marathon" tag.

So this week is about recovery with very light workouts.

Bu most importantly, it's about celebration.

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