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Cue the recovery

Oh, I knew this feeling was coming.

But much like the wall and pain of the marathon, you can't really prepare for what recovery will feel like.

In the days post marathon I am walking, well, like my grandfather. And while he gets around pretty darn for an 80-something guy, it's not exactly how I normally get around.

No usually I don't need help negotiating the three stairs in the Buffalo Bisons press box. (Though if I were, say, at all intelligent I would have sat in the upper level of the press box instead of torturing myself to sit in my usual seat out of pure habit.)

Normally I don't have to brace myself to get into or out of a seated position.

And we won't even discuss what my time in the bathroom is like.

This is actually an important time -- recovery. Your body takes a pounding in events, whether its your first marathon or your first 5K, and it needs to recover. It needs to heal. Come back too soon and your training will be off and your next race will likely be arduous.

Recovery means rest primarily. I have no workouts, none, until Thursday. And I have no idea exactly what I'll be doing on Thursday. But just like taper had me off my feet with my legs elevated, so too does recovery.

I continue to hydrate and eat fairly well though this is my week of indulgence. For instance, I believe that every day deserves a bit of ice cream.

And every day deserves a bit of laughter, thanks in part to my mother who sent me a marathon cartoon.

It will be interesting to see how my body (and my mind) recover from my first marathon.

In the meantime, I will enjoy my new moniker of marathoner ... and the joy of non-movement.

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