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Back to base training

Sometimes, life gets in the way.

Things happen at work, with our places of residence or in our relationships that supersede what we want to be doing.

And last week, work too precedence and my training was relegated to a low-intensity recovery week. My coach new my work schedule before planning my training sessions and when I first got my plan I was a bit taken back by just how light the exercise load was.

I mean, I'll be doing my first intermediate triathlon this week and am gearing up for the half Ironman in Muskoka in September. Can I afford to rest?

The question should have been, could I have afforded not to?

My assignment last week, and through the weekend, was to cover the Wegmans LPGA golf tournament in Rochester. And while I wasn't digging ditches, and am grateful for my job, the four days were definitely a marathon and not a sprint. The days were long and the golf was interrupted constantly by rain and the stress levels were moderate.

We all have stretches like that where work (or other aspects of our life) need our full attention.

By the time I hit Saturday I was eternally grateful that my coach had the foresight (no pun intended) to keep me at a light week. I couldn't have pounded out a hard workout if I wanted to, let alone if I was required to.

And so this week we return to base training and a full week of workouts.

Again, a bit odd at face value since I will be racing my first intermediate distance at Tri in the Buff at Evangola on Sunday. Racing on tired legs isn't something you normally do, but this isn't a priority race for me. It's a chance for me to get experience racing a longer distance. It's about using this week as a base-building week and using the race as a boost into full-on Muskoka prep.

Today's installment, back to open water swimming and running, both of which are starting to feel a whole lot better. In addition. I'll be forgetting all about the past week. I can't get that time back and there is no sense in worrying about how that will affect me at Tri in the Buff or at events down the road.

Life happens.

You hold dear the things you enjoy, the people that you care about, and do the best you can.

Then you move forward. And say hello again to old friends.
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