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Ironman Race Results

Congratulations to local Ironman Finishers both in Kentucky and British Columbia this weekend.

At the Ford Ironman Louisville competition, Dave Schieber, 44 of Buffalo, finished in 10:36:59 while Jennifer Sylvester, 35 of Kenmore, finished in 11:48:42.

Other local finishers from Western New York included:

Barry Dunston (35, West Seneca) -- 12:39:29
Derek Dunston (33, Niagara Falls) -- 12:39:27
Tim Kirst (40, Boston) -- 14:42:40
Marty McKenna (37, Olcott) -- 11:15:44
Allen Mercer (33, Cheektowaga) -- 16:01:47
Jon Metz (41, Williamsville) -- 11:55.30

For complete Ironman Louisville results click here.

At Subaru Ironman Canada, Kevin Meitlicki was the only Western New Yorker present. The 44-year old from Lockport finished the race in 13:26:08.

For complete Ironman Canada results click here.

--- Amy Moritz
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