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Success of a different kind

Perspective is a wonderful gift. And with gratitude to one of my Twitter peeps, I received a story about a great lesson in perspective.

It was an article from the Northern Ohio newspaper The News-Herald about twin sisters who attempted to run from Cincinnati to Cleveland to raise money for The United Way.

But one sister needed to start walking after 30 miles. The other kept running, but after 200 miles her body broke down.

"When I fell down after almost 200 miles, I cried, not only from the pain that reached its peak after almost 48 hours of pain, but because I thought I failed to reach my goal," the paper quoted Sandi Nypaver as saying. "It was just two years ago that this type of 'failure' would spiral me into a deep depression of self-disappointment. Maybe inspiring others doesn't mean that I had to complete the run in four days, maybe it's still believing after the pain had forced me into the ER."

So often we only celebrate the successes.

But what exactly is a success.

The Nypaver sisters recognized that raising money to help a worthy cause was a success in itself, even if they didn't complete their ultramarathon task.

You do the best you can with what you have, with what you know, at the time. Not only do you get a chance to learn yourself, you get the chance to see some magic happen.

Here's wishing for a magical holiday.

--- Amy Moritz

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