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Cold weather workouts

The early morning temperature was in the double digits. There was no wind and the streets (and most sidewalks) were plowed. So Sue and I decided to take our easy run outside for the first time in weeks.

The combination of frigid temperatures and concern over our footing (and hence injury) so close to the Miami half marathon made us lean toward taking our runs to the treadmill -- especially on days which involved pace or speed work.

But this was an easy day, so we put on the layers and went outside. We were slow, but we knew we would be. That was, in part, the point. Overall, the run was refreshing and in the end, we both felt we dressed a bit too warm for the conditions.

A good friend of mine who lives in the general Washington, D.C. area earned a lottery spot for the Cherry Blossom 10-miler in the spring and began her training this past weekend in cold weather. She asked for tips and aside from the typical advice to wear layers and cover your extremities, I told her to make sure she brought a change of clothes. Why? Because after the run when your warm-gear traps the sweat next to your skin, you will freeze instantly.

That was a bit of wisdom that came from a live-and-learn perspective.

But now that temperatures will warm up into the 30s this week and weekend, there's a good chance to get even more running accomplished outside.

If you're ready to venture out, check out an article by the Mayo Clinic which offers tips on how to stay motivated, fit and safe in cold-weather workouts.

And if you think that running in cold weather will burn more calories, sadly that seems to not be the case says a science section Q&A in the New York Times.

--- Amy Moritz
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