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Measuring success in the pool

By now, February is becoming a drag. It's the shortest month, yet seems like the longest path from winter to spring. The days are getting longer, Outdoor runs are a bit more bearable. And thoughts are turning toward spring and early summer races.

Since running and cycling pretty much are just about getting in the miles and perhaps working on some drills at the moment, this can be a great time for a swim focus. Of course for me, all year is a good time for a swim focus as I continue to get comfortable in the water and learn how to propel myself more efficiently, and hopefully a bit faster, in preparation for the 2010 season.

I have returned to working with Swim Master Greg, who in one masters swim session already gave me two corrections which have made a difference in the way I feel in the water. He was able to take video of my stroke and frankly, I could not believe what I was doing with my arms in the water. An adjustment and focusing on my arm placement, the catch and following through on my stroke have already made a difference -- the most important being in how I feel moving through the water.

Joining a group for swim workouts is a great tool. It not only gives you a social aspect to the sport but it allows someone with knowledge to learn your stroke and be able to help you make corrections.

You can find nine other tips on how to improve your swim in 2010 in this article from Austin Fit Magazine and if you're relatively new to swimming and are bummed by looking at your times to measure success, check out this article from Tri Swim Coach on other ways to gauge your progress in the pool.

--- Amy Moritz

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