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Morning Roundup -- Tuesday, June 1

Good morning Buffalo and welcome to a wet start to the week.

Isolated showers are expected throughout the day while temperatures will range from a high of 76 to a low of 55 with mostly clear skies.

Memorial Day weekend might be over, but you can view Memorial Day parade photos here or view a UB graduate student's "Remembering Our Fallen" art project:

In today's headlines:

16 years after decorated Air Force veteran Andie K. Gasper was knifed to death in a Yorkshire parking lot, members of a cold case squad and FBI agents from Buffalo have charged Cherly Gasper, his widow, with second-degree murder of her husband. Dan Herbeck reports.

The state GOP — overpowered in registration by Democrats but historically capable of winning statewide races — stares at an unprecedented primary for governor. Read more here.

Chicago Blackhawks goalie Antti Niemi made 14 of 32 saves in the third period of the second game of the Stanley Cup finals Monday to put his team ahead of Philadelphia 2-0 in the series.

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