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Video: Nuclear cleanup in Niagara County looks to Ohio

About half of the world's known supply of radium-226, a radioactive waste material from the Manhattan Project, had been stored in Fernald, Ohio.

The other half is still buried in the Town of Lewiston in Niagara County.

So the local advisory group for the cleanup of the former Lake Ontario Ordnance Works wants the public to learn the story of how the waste in Fernald was cleaned up.

They invited Jim Bierer, former chairman of the Department of Energy's Citizens Advisory Board, to give a public presentation at Lewiston-Porter High School last night.

The video, above, shows part of Bierer's talk, in which he talks about the Ohio waste site.

4:50 p.m.: Here's another video in which Bierer talks about the results of the cleanup:

Here's my full story from last night's session. This is a blog post I wrote last week, in advance of last night's session.

--Aaron Besecker

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