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No 'opt-out' delays reported at Buffalo Niagara airport

5 p.m CHEEKTOWAGA -- A steady flow of travelers arrived at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport this afternoon, but there were few delays for those headed out of town.

Lines at the security check point remained short most of the afternoon, with passengers getting through the screening process in under 5 minutes at times. Lines this evening are starting to build up a little longer.  

"It's pretty quick and easy," said Asha Marshall, a Toronto resident traveling through Buffalo on her way to New York City this afternoon. "I was expecting it to be a lot more busy than this because it's Thanksgiving weekend, but it seems pretty good."

Like many travelers, Marshall wasn't fazed by new security measures that prompted a call for protests earlier this week.

Several passengers interviewed after arriving at the airport this afternoon said they saw no delays caused by a highly publicized campaign to urge travelers to protest new Transportation Security Administration screening measures by opting out of full-body scanners. 

"If you didn't walk through the scanner, then you got a pat down," said Samantha Berner, a former Western New Yorker who now lives in Raleigh, N.C. "I was happy to walk through the scanner. So it wasn't bad at all."

Berner, who flew to Buffalo from Charlotte Douglas International Airport, said she didn't see any commotion over the new TSA screening measures. 

"There were lots of people. It wasn't bad, though," Berner said. "And everything moved quickly."

All of the parking lots at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport remained open as of early afternoon.

Julie Britt, a 10th-grade special education teacher at Bolivar-Richburg Central School in Bolivar, accompanied 34 high school seniors on their way back from a class trip to Disney World this afternoon. 

Britt said some of the students had to go through the scanners when they departed for Florida on Saturday. Besides a few complaints, she said, the students had no problem with the new security measures. 

"We were very worried about the lines at the airport," Britt said of flying on what is considered one of the busiest travel days of the year. "However, everything went smoothly."

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--Denise Jewell Gee

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