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Video: All-access tour of the Central Terminal

In October 2009, News editorial writer Dawn Marie Bracely and I were given an all-access tour of Buffalo's cavernous Central Terminal. Led by Mark Lewandowski, president of Central Terminal Restoration Corp., we explored the grounds, main concourse, basements and tower floors of the vacant train station.

That footage remained locked away for a full year -- until now. With interest in the Central Terminal at an all-time high due to the popular Syfy show "Ghost Hunters" returning to host a live, six-hour Halloween special, we decided to pull this video out of the vault and give viewers a rare look inside the -- possibly haunted -- historic art deco train station that saw its last Amtrak car pull away 31 years ago.

And here's an extended interview with Lewandowski where he explains the building's construction in the 1920s, heyday during World War II, decline in the 1950s and what the future holds for this building. You can also download the audio.

--Joseph Popiolkowski

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