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'Wintervention' screens in Buffalo as ski resorts wait for temperatures to plunge again

Rain has put a damper today on efforts to make snow at area ski resorts.

But Warren Miller Entertainment's "Wintervention" will blow into Buffalo on Thursday for skiers and snowboarders ready to get into the winter sporting mood.

The annual ski travelogue of sorts -- narrated these days by skier Jonny Moseley -- will be screened at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Shea's Performing Arts Center in Buffalo. Tickets are $16.50.

Meanwhile, snow guns that started up late last week at Holiday Valley in Ellicottville have shut down again because of rain this morning.

Jane Eshbaugh, Holiday Valley marketing director, said workers were able to lay down 17 acre-feet of man-made snow on School Haus, Mardi Gras, Yodeler and Candy Cane trails before shutting down yesterday morning. That's the equivalent of 17 football fields with a foot of snow, she said.

"It's a good head start," Eshbaugh said. "The weather's suppose to turn again tomorrow afternoon, so we will start making snow again as soon as possible."

At Kissing Bridge in Glenwood, snow guns started up Monday, but have been turned off until the warm temperatures pass through. Piles of snow have been made at Holly, Coal-chut, Twister and the Central Beginner slope, according to Kissing Bridge's web site

Heavy rains today are forecast to turn to snow showers late Wednesday afternoon.

Plans to open Holiday Valley by the weekend will depend on how much rain falls today and when the temperatures plunge back below freezing.

"It really is all up to Mother Nature," Eshbaugh said.

Eshbaugh said Holiday Valley underwent more than $4 million of work during the summer, including the installation of a new high-speed quad chairlift at Morning Star that is nearly a third longer than the lift it replaced. Two new slopes were also added, including a "beginner" and a "most difficult" trail.

Get a glimpse of the "Wintervention" trailer:


--Denise Jewell Gee

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