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Defense attorney: Hassan has "deep love for his children"


Jeremy Schwartz speaks with reporters this morning. Photo by Derek Gee / Buffalo News

BUFFALO -- Despite all that's happened, Muzzammil "Mo" Hassan still wants contact with his children, defense attorney Jeremy Schwartz told reporters during a midday break on the second day of Hassan's murder trial.

Schwartz responded to questions about Hassan's relationship with his son, Michael Hassan, outside the courtroom after Michael Hassan testified.

"Mo has always expressed a deep love for his children," Schwartz said. "He has attempted to get visits with them through Family Court even after this has happened. That's a strong issue for him."

Schwartz, responding to another question from a reporter, said it was fair to say that his witness questions have centered on whether Hassan's actions throughout his life has been mischaracterized.

"I will say that that's a theme of the trial," Schwartz said.

Listen to Schwartz's comments during the midday break: 

Listen to Schwartz's earlier comments as he spoke with reporters before the second day of the trial began:

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