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Detroit Free Press: The Peace Bridge Example

People looking at plans for a new bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Ont., might be in for a long wait, according to the Detroit Free Press.

For their proof, they point to the story of the proposed Peace Bridge expansion.

The newspaper sent a business reporter and photographer to get our area's story about the long-delayed bridge plan.

John Gallagher's story -- in which he talks to the Peace Bridge Authority's Ron Reinas, some residents opposed to the proejct and a professor at the UB School of Medicine -- says the existing bridges in both places share capacity issues.

There also was a connection with their current bridge's owner, who once pitched a plan here.

"But backers of a proposed Detroit River International Crossing bridge project between Detroit and Windsor better hope that the comparisons with Buffalo stop there. For the proposed second span of the Peace Bridge has been in the works for 17 years now, with no end in sight."

--Aaron Besecker

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