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Reporter pays tribute to Murray Light

Murray B. Light, a key figure in the history of Buffalo journalism who served as editor for 20 of his 50 years at The Buffalo News, has died at age 85.

Murray gave many young reporters their first break at a major newspaper and I am proud to be among them. He was from Brooklyn and never forgot his humble roots. I know this because I had the privilege of staying in touch with him during his retirement and chatting with him. In the warmer months, I'd bring him tomatoes from my garden and he'd call me his "tomato man." His lovely wife, Joan, would make homemade tomato soup, which was Murray's favorite.

During our chats, as recently as a few weeks ago, he never lost interest in the newspaper and always wanted to hear the latest of what was happening, especially in the newsroom. He was a true journalist, curious to the end. May God bless his family.

--Lou Michel

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