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Mohamud's lawyer doesn't mention victim in opening statement

As court officers keep watch, Ali-Mohamed Mohamud sits between defense attorneys Lana V. Tupchik, left, and Kevin Spitler as his trial for the murder of his 10-year-old stepson last April begins Monday. (Derek Gee/Buffalo News)

Staff Reporter Patrick Lakamp, on the opening statements in the Ali-Mohamed Mohamud murder trial, via Twitter (@LakampBuffNews):

Opening statements in Ali-Mohamed Mohamud trial completed. "This defendant brutally murdered a 10-year-old boy," prosecutor tells jurors.

Prosecutor John Feroleto says the stepfather stabbed, gagged, bound and beat Abdifatah Mohamud and later confessed to police.

Ali-Mohamed Mohamud told police where to find sock he put in stepson's mouth, tape, electrical cord, rolling pin and his bloody clothes.

Defense lawyer Lana V. Tupchik doesn't mention the child victim during her opening statement. "Mr. Mohamud denies this accusation."

Testimony in Mohamud trial: Mother and step-brother of brutalized boy say they never saw stepfather act violently toward child before.

Neighbor testifies Mohamud looked "upset and tired" as he and his stepson went inside home before fatal beating but never raised his voice.

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