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Morning meeting: Stories we are working on

Here's a look at some of the stories in the pipeline in our newsroom, as discussed in our morning news meeting:

*A Western New York furniture dealer is looking to help out customers left hanging after the closing of FWS.

*Naaman Roosevelt, the St. Joe's and UB grad, isn't giving up on his NFL dreams.

*Bucky Gleason is working on a column looking at NFL coaches who are on the hot seat.

*A number of local volunteers and emergency responders are heading to the New York City/New Jersey-area to help out with storm recovery.

*Washington Bureau Chief Jerry Zremski is continuing to look at how much our local representatives in Congress, including Kathy Hochul, actually get done.

Please make sure you tune in for our live video debate at 11 a.m. Friday with the candidates for the 60th State Senate seat -- Mark Grisanti, Michael Amodeo and Charles Swanick. We're still looking for questions from readers to ask the candidates. Email yours to me at

--Aaron Besecker

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