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Morning meeting: Stories we are working on

Just got out of our morning news meeting. Here's some of the stuff we're working on:

* How will Western New York be handling the effects of Hurricane Sandy? What are local businesses doing to prepare?

* What will municipalities do with trick-or-treating hours because of the coming storm? Sandra Tan is tracking that story.

* Mike Harrington is on his way back from Detroit, and he's working on a follow-up to the Giants' World Series win.

* Executive Sports Editor Lisa Wilson and Senior Columnist Jerry Sullivan are putting together a NBA season preview.

* Paul Ceglia, the man who is suing Facebook, will himself be in court today.

* Bruce Andriatch has one of his "Timeless Treasures" columns coming on Bocce's Pizza. Joseph Popiolkowski is producing a video story, too.

* Washington Bureau Chief Jerry Zremski is looking into how much our local congressional representatives actually get done in Congress.

As we've previously announced, make sure you watch this Friday's debate between candidates for the 60th State Senate seat at 11 a.m.

--Aaron Besecker

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