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Morning meeting: Stories we are working on

Here's a glimpse at some of the stories in the pipeline, based on our 11 a.m. news meeting:

*A local developer has kicked off a project building dorms for the University at Buffalo in downtown Buffalo.

*Tomorrow's Gusto cover story is a review of five art shows by Arts Critic Colin Dabkowski.

*How do the President and Congress plan on dealing with the "fiscal cliff" before January 1? Washington Bureau Chief Jerry Zremski is on the story.

*Jeff Simon is reviewing the new James Bond film "Skyfall."

*Keith McShea will be previewing this weekend's football regionals for public high schools.

*As the holiday shopping season approaches, there are a lot of buffalo (the animal, not the city)-inspired gifts to be had. Susan Martin will provide a rundown.

--Aaron Besecker

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