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Live blog: West Seneca Town Board meeting

Join TJ Pignataro, The Buffalo News' West Seneca reporter, who is live at West Seneca Town Hall.


Town board approves intramunicipal agreement with Tonawanda and Kenmore for WS to provide animal shelter services.

Two WS Police public safety dispatchers approved by town board.

Resident of Reserve Road wants a deer management program in town. "We should do something to control the population of deer in the town."

Town Hwy Super Matt English appointed dog control officer on top of his regular duties.

Resident questions why. English said the work has historically fallen to him to handle. So he approached town for stipend. English says he responds to a animal complaint that ranges from dogs, deer, skunk etc. Then, he calls dispatch. A laborer is sent out to handle the issue.

Resident Karen Lucachick upset that Planning Board member John Greenan publicly advised at a recent meeting that town would be in contempt if it didn't let development project at former Houghton College go forward. She says it sends bad message to petitioner.

Another resident questions English about parking issues vis a vis snowplowing. English says if a 'chronic problem' develops, highway crews will seek tickets from police.

TBM Gene Hart says after a year on the board he thinks it's time folks with grievences of past problems with town government should be pit to rest. "I think we have a future we have to work on. Anything we can do to correct the errors of the past we will do. We are working on recreation and the reorganization of senior citizens (programs). I am asking for your patience."

Meeting adjourned. Thanks for being here!

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