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Morning meeting: Stories we are working on

Here are some of the stories our staff is putting together:

*John Vogl and Mike Harrington are covering the 2 p.m. Sabres press conference with Darcy Regier and Ted Black. Tune into the Sabres Edge blog for all the latest.

*Albany Bureau Chief Tom Precious will lay out what we can expect at Gov. Andrew Cuomo's State of the State address tomorrow.

*Prep Talker Keith McShea will be weighing in on the City of Buffalo's plan to consolidate its high school football teams.

*A man from an Irish-Italian family in South Wales will be our Cook of the Month featured in tomorrow's editions.

*Maki Becker has talked to some Western New York families who wanted to adopt children from Russia, but who can't because of the new ban.

--Aaron Besecker

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