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Video: In Focus - Craig W. Turner, Accelerate Upstate

Business owners will discuss strategies for growing the Upstate New York economy at a Jan. 29 conference. Craig W. Turner of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership talks with Brian Meyer about the Accelerate Upstate initiative.

Morning meeting: Stories we are working on

Here are some of the stories our staff is putting together:

*John Vogl and Mike Harrington are covering the 2 p.m. Sabres press conference with Darcy Regier and Ted Black. Tune into the Sabres Edge blog for all the latest.

*Albany Bureau Chief Tom Precious will lay out what we can expect at Gov. Andrew Cuomo's State of the State address tomorrow.

*Prep Talker Keith McShea will be weighing in on the City of Buffalo's plan to consolidate its high school football teams.

*A man from an Irish-Italian family in South Wales will be our Cook of the Month featured in tomorrow's editions.

*Maki Becker has talked to some Western New York families who wanted to adopt children from Russia, but who can't because of the new ban.

--Aaron Besecker

Live blog : Amherst Town Board meeting, including annual reorganizational discussion

Morning meeting: Stories we are working on

Here are some of the stories we're pursuing today:

*This weekend, Nichols will host auditions for performers at the Metropolitan Opera.

*Jay Tokasz is tracking the latest on the demolition of a North Buffalo church.

*Jeff Simon's working on a column about Oprah Winfrey's interview of David Letterman.

*John Vogl is working on an analysis of the new collective bargaining agreement that's been tentatively approved by the NHL and the NHLPA.

*And, of course, all the latest from One Bills Drive on the hiring of Doug Marrone.

--Aaron Besecker

Morning meeting: Stories we are working on

Here's some of the story possibilities that came up during our morning news meeting:

*A new program for children with autism has started in the region.

*Washington Bureau Chief Jerry Zremski will be taking a look at Rep. Chris Collins as he enters Congress.

*Jeff Simon saw a screening of "Promised Land" this morning and will have a review in tomorrow's editions.

*Home & Style Editor Susan Martin is writing about the colors of 2013.

*Mark Gaughan will have the latest on the Bills' search for a new head coach.

*Niagara and Canisius' men's basketball teams are in action tonight.

--Aaron Besecker

Morning meeting: Stories we are working on

Just got our of our daily news meeting. Here are some of the stories our staff is putting together:

*In tomorrow's Sports section, we'll look back at The Comeback on its 20th anniversary. Jerry Sullivan talked to Frank Reich. Tim Graham talked to Warren Moon. Jay Skurski chatted with fans who were at the game but left. We'll also be re-running Larry Felser's column from the day after the game.

*You're going to see less in your paycheck even though the worst of the "fiscal cliff" was avoided. Jerry Zremski will explain.

*Moog has purchased a space engineering firm based in Colorado.

*Tomorrow's NeXt section features a timeline of the events of 2012 and how they will affect the year ahead.

--Aaron Besecker

Video: In Focus - PUSH's Jen Mecozzi

A high-profile housing group has been helping to revive a West Side neighborhood. PUSH, People United for Sustainable Housing, is targeting a 25-block area. Community Organizing Director Jen Mecozzi took The News' Brian Meyer on a neighborhood tour.

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