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Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus and brain research

Today's editorial talks about the life sciences innovation center soon to be on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus with Albany Molecular Research Inc. as the first tenant. That will be the first phase of the biocluster hub that is jointly owned and run by the Medical Campus, the University at Albany and the Jacobs Institute.

The intent of creation of the innovation hub is to address the interface of nanotechnology and biology. 

One of the biggest challenges is interfacing two systems: nanotechnology - computer chips, sensors, medical devices and testing with the human body, which is carbon based - including and especially the brain. Tracking the brain, modeling and understanding how it operates is where the challenge and innovation is happening, said Alain E. Kaloyeros, senior vice president and CEO of SUNY Albany’s College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering.

There are even applications now in terms of thought reading between computer models and MRIs, Kaloyeros said. Studies have been able to map up to 70 percent of what the brain looks like when people are having certain thoughts. Such mind-reading brain scans include thought-controlled cars or how to drive with your brain!

Editorial writer - Dawn Marie Bracely


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