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Live Blog - West Seneca Central School Board - 6:30 p.m.

Historically one of Erie County's best fiscally managed school districts, the West Seneca Central School District has come on hard times as the result of decreased enrollment, rising personnel costs and substantially reduced amounts of state aid.

The district's Board of Education, as the result, voted earlier this month to close an elementary school and reconfigure its middle school program in what was reported to be a cost-savings effort heading into the future.

Tonight at 6:30 p.m., the district will hold a 2013-14 budget presentation and board work session for the public at the district's offices on the second-floor of West Elementary School, 1397 Orchard Park Road.

Join T.J. Pignataro, the West Seneca reporter for The Buffalo News, who will report live from tonight's budget presentation.

Three shot in Humboldt bar

Three people were shot, one seriously, early Thursday inside the Humboldt Inn, located in the 400 block of Humboldt, Buffalo police reported.

Police said it appears the three people were struck by gun fire after one or more gunmen walked into the bar and began shooting.

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Paladino will run for Board of Education

By Mary B. Pasciak
News Education Reporter

Claims candidacy focuses on removing Rumore

It’s official: Carl Paladino is running for the Buffalo Board of Education.

The former gubernatorial candidate and longtime vocal critic of the board has decided to run for the seat representing South Buffalo, where he lives.

He cites several issues in the school district as important – among them: reinstating the residency rule for teachers, returning to neighborhood schools and firing all the top-ranking administrators. But there is one that rates as his top priority.

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DeJac Peters, wrongfully imprisoned in murder of daughter, has terminal cancer

By Lou Michel
News Staff Reporter

 woman has
 fatal cancer, is told she does not have much time left

Lynn M. DeJac Peters, the mother wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for nearly 14 years in the murder of her daughter, has terminal cancer.

She said doctors at Roswell Park Cancer Institute have told her she has a limited amount of time to live and that she should enjoy what little is left.

“For me, it is a blessing either way. I get to stay here with my family, and if I don’t, I get to go see the love of my life, Crystallyn. I actually have the best of both worlds. That’s the truth. I have my boys to live for here, but if I don’t make it here, I have the love of my life waiting. So I really do have the best of both worlds,” DeJac Peters, 49, told The Buffalo News on Wednesday.

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Metro Rail extension eyed to shuttle workers to Medical Campus

By Robert J. McCarthy
News Staff Reporter

Tracks would be expanded to DL&W Terminal and new parking garage/transit hub to shuttle workers north to Medical Campus

The sprawling Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus taking shape at the north end of downtown is expected to employ about 17,500 people in five years – but without anywhere near 17,500 parking spots.

That’s why political leaders, Medical Campus officials, city planners, the Buffalo Sabres and the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority are all seeking ways to exploit an existing and underutilized Metro Rail system they believe can help solve the parking dilemma at the new Medical Campus.

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Video: In Focus: Robert D. Gioia

A long-awaited effort to redevelop Buffalo’s waterfront is on the right track, according to the chairman of the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. Gioia talked with The News' Brian Meyer about plans for the Inner Harbor and Outer Harbor.

Meeting blog at 7 p.m.: Restricting building heights in Amherst?

Amherst Council Member Mark Manna wants a moratorium on all developer site plans and variances for projects that would exceed 50 feet in height until a special town committee can finish its work on revised height and design recommendations for commercial properties.

He is making that resolution for consideration at the board's meeting tonight, though it is questionable whether he has the board's support to pass such a measure.

Follow live updates from News Staff Reporter Sandra Tan:

Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus and brain research

Today's editorial talks about the life sciences innovation center soon to be on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus with Albany Molecular Research Inc. as the first tenant. That will be the first phase of the biocluster hub that is jointly owned and run by the Medical Campus, the University at Albany and the Jacobs Institute.

The intent of creation of the innovation hub is to address the interface of nanotechnology and biology. 

One of the biggest challenges is interfacing two systems: nanotechnology - computer chips, sensors, medical devices and testing with the human body, which is carbon based - including and especially the brain. Tracking the brain, modeling and understanding how it operates is where the challenge and innovation is happening, said Alain E. Kaloyeros, senior vice president and CEO of SUNY Albany’s College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering.

There are even applications now in terms of thought reading between computer models and MRIs, Kaloyeros said. Studies have been able to map up to 70 percent of what the brain looks like when people are having certain thoughts. Such mind-reading brain scans include thought-controlled cars or how to drive with your brain!

Editorial writer - Dawn Marie Bracely

Video: Shea's backstage tour of "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert"

Gillian Austin, wardrobe supervisor, shows SUNY Fredonia students the costumes, dresses, headdresses and more that's used in the show, "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert."

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