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Review: Five-part series about Lake Erie's troubled waters


Derek Gee/News file photo

The waters lapping up along the Lake Erie shoreline are no longer orange. The lake doesn’t smell as bad as it once did. And talk of “a dead lake” has been put in the distant past. The water even looks bluer, clearer – and more alive. But appearances can be deceiving. Lake Erie – the focus of cleanup efforts for four decades – is still, in many ways, simmering just below crisis.

News Environmental Reporter T.J. Pignataro took an in-depth look at the issues facing Lake Erie in a five-part series in May 2013:

Introduction: Lake Erie’s troubled waters

Part 1: Heavy rains turn Lake Erie into a toilet

Part 2: Non-native species invade Lake Erie

Part 3: Unprecedented drop in Lake Erie’s water level causes headaches

Part 4: Toxic algae and Lake Erie’s dead zone

Part 5: Caring for Lake Erie

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