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Video: Chemical Leak in Amherst

Three sanitation workers were sickened by fumes from discarded chemicals in Amherst today. Fire Chief Jim Lawida of the Main Transit Fire Department discusses the situation here.

Video: DJ C. Perfect warms up Canalside crowd

DJ C. Perfect warms up Canalside crowd prior to Teddy Riley concert.

Video: In Focus: Thomas J. Foels, Independent Health

Congress has taken an interest in a doctor-payment model for Medicare that is being pioneered by Independent Health. Foels, who is the insurer's chief medical officer, talks with The News' Brian Meyer about efforts to control costs and improve care.

Video: Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy speaks of the jobs Time Warner center will create.

Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy says that the Time Warner center planned for the Sheehan Hospital site will help boost the local economy.

Video: Covered in Clay: Celebrating Artpark's 40th Anniversary

Sculptor Greg Stewart collaborated with his father Bill Stewart, who was a resident artist at Artpark in the 1970s. The result was an interesting piece of performance art in the gorge.

Video: Warren Buffett celebrates GEICO growth in Amherst

Warren Buffett shares how he got started with GEICO 62 years ago. He celebrated with the Amherst headquarters, which now has 2,500 employees.

Video: In Focus: Thomas J. Eoannou, North Park Theatre owner

The owner of the North Park Theatre vows to keep the aging movie palace open even though its long-time operator staged its final screening earlier this month. The News' Brian Meyer also talked with Eoannou about the future of Hertel Avenue.

Video: Ceremony honors Flag Day founder in Forest Lawn

Third-graders from Dr. George E. Blackman School 54 take part in a ceremony at the grave of Flag Day founder Sara Hinson in Forest Lawn in Buffalo on Friday.

Video: Importance of Rosenberg diary noted

"This important record of the crimes of the Third Reich and the Holocaust is now preserved for all to see, study and learn from,” federal authorities say.

Video: Cuomo talks about lack of progress at Peace Bridge

The governor, during his visit to Buffalo, says nothing has been done for 20 years so latest fuss cannot be said to be derailing progress.

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