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Video: Barn owls take flight at Hawk Creek Wildlife Center

Young barn owls raised at the Hawk Creek Wildlife Center will soon be released into the wild. Watch them in flight in this video. Find the story here.


Video: Eighteenmile Creek flooding may force relocation

James Stiles, a homeowner on Water Street, Lockport, may be forced to relocate after his property was contaminated by toxins in floodwaters from Eighteenmile Creek during heavy rainfall.

Video: In Focus: Joseph M. Lane, Taste of Buffalo

Joseph M. Lane, the volunteer chairman of the Taste of Buffalo, gives The Buffalo News’ Brian Meyer a preview of this year’s Taste.

Video: Beth Hoskins says, "We're not done yet," after animal cruelty guilty verdict

Beth Hoskins was found guilty on 52 counts of animal cruelty and not guilty on 22 counts over charges of mistreating horses on her 50-acre farm three years ago.

Video: In Focus: Creighton Randall, Buffalo CarShare

Video: Story of the heroic efforts of Lt. Alonzo Cushing at Gettysburg

Civil War historian Scott Good talks about Lt. Alonzo Cushing, who died during the Battle of Gettysburg.

Video: Capt. Michael Weidrich led artillery battery at key Gettysburg battle

Civil War historian Scott Good talks about Capt. Michael Weidrich, who was in charge of Battery I, 1st New York Light Artillery, during the Battle of Gettysburg.

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