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News scrutiny of Lackawanna Housing Authority started in December

Some might have you believe the problems with possible wrongdoing at the tenant council for the Lackawanna Municipal Housing Authority first came to light in the past couple weeks.

But the same story appeared first in The Buffalo News in December, when Jay Tokasz reported an ATM card in 2012 and '13 was used to make dozens of "suspicious" cash withdrawals and purchases with federal tax dollars. Tokasz was quoting from an internal audit of the group, and among the purchases was a $100 ticket to an NBA playoff game May 21, 2013, between the Spurs and Memphis Grizzlies in San Antonio.

That report occurred Dec. 8 in The News, well ahead of more recent television "watchdog" reports.

Later in December, Tokasz reported that HUD was keeping a much closer eye on the tenants group.

Tokasz was the also the first to report this week the tenant council president who had used the card was removed from office.

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