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St. Patrick's Day Parade in Old First Ward


Irish eyes, and everyone else's, were smiling Saturday in Buffalo as the St. Patrick's Day Parade made its way through Buffalo's Old First Ward.

News Staff Reporter T.J. Pignataro brings us the day's story.

He also provided videos:

Video 1: Parade in Old First Ward

Video 2: Parade in Old First Ward

Video 3: Parade in Old First Ward

News Photographer James P. McCoy provides this photo of the Daley family watching in the Old First Ward.

Daley Family St. Pat's

We also have photos from Pignataro:

Pigataro pic old first ward

BiyJWD9IQAANDcL.jpg large


The following image shows the Ironworkers, part of a "big union presence" at the parade.

BiyS2W5IUAAhWSh.jpg large


And, of course...

BiySZgyIYAA9GhC.jpg large


Here, Colin Patrick Cahill of Derby carries a flag showing the provinces of Ireland.

BiyJ19uCMAAF_OY.jpg large




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