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Video: Protest over Catholic school closings

Parents, grandparents, teachers, students rallied Sunday on lawn of bishop's mansion to oppose closure of 10 elementary schools.


Video: Honoring fallen Buffalo Police Officer Patricia Parete

The Badge of Honor Association today erected a sign honoring Police Officer Patricia Parete at W. Chippewa and Georgia Street, the site where she was shot Dec. 5, 2006. She was paralyzed from the neck down and died of complications from her wound Feb. 2, 2013.

Photo shows the sign honoring Parete at the site where she was shot.

The location where Buffalo Police Officer Patty Parete was shot is now marked with a sign. (John Hickey/Buffalo News)

Video: Saluting Our War Heroes: Robert F. Rohde of Lancaster

World War II veteran recalls his service in the China-Burma-India Theater.


The origins of the sorrowful buffalo cartoon


The cartoon above, drawn by Adam Zyglis in 2007, has been making the rounds of social media in the wake of Ralph Wilson Jr.'s death. 

The illustration, published Sept. 12, 2007, was in response to the injury suffered by Bills tight end Kevin Everett during the Sept. 9, 2007, game with the Denver Broncos.

Reaction on Twitter to the death of Bills owner Ralph C. Wilson Jr.

Video: Vietnam vet became 'perfect liar" to survive at 'Hanoi Hilton'

Alden Vietnam veteran recalls being shot down as copter crew chief and spending more than five years as a prisoner at "Hanoi Hilton."

Video: Snow Dragon melts the snow away

Snow Dragon partnered with Elber's Landscaping to demonstrate one of their snow melting machines, which may come in handy during Buffalo winters. Find the story here.


Audio: Brian Meyer, Eileen Buckley discuss Falls redevelopment on Press Pass

Any type of sustainable economic development has consistently passed over the City of Niagara Falls. But Mayor Paul Dyster says there are eight big projects in the works and insists there will be changes to boost tourism. In this week's Press Pass conversation, WBFO'S Eileen Buckley and Buffalo News reporter Brian Meyer discuss how Dyster plans to lead the effort for transformational redevelopment.

Find the In Focus video interview here:

Video: Neighborhood parade in the Old First Ward


St. Patrick's Day Parade in Old First Ward


Irish eyes, and everyone else's, were smiling Saturday in Buffalo as the St. Patrick's Day Parade made its way through Buffalo's Old First Ward.

News Staff Reporter T.J. Pignataro brings us the day's story.

He also provided videos:

Video 1: Parade in Old First Ward

Video 2: Parade in Old First Ward

Video 3: Parade in Old First Ward

News Photographer James P. McCoy provides this photo of the Daley family watching in the Old First Ward.

Daley Family St. Pat's

We also have photos from Pignataro:

Pigataro pic old first ward

BiyJWD9IQAANDcL.jpg large


The following image shows the Ironworkers, part of a "big union presence" at the parade.

BiyS2W5IUAAhWSh.jpg large


And, of course...

BiySZgyIYAA9GhC.jpg large


Here, Colin Patrick Cahill of Derby carries a flag showing the provinces of Ireland.

BiyJ19uCMAAF_OY.jpg large




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