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Stingy or Stealing?

Sophia Petrillo was notoriously and hilariously cheap.

The brilliant matriarch of the classic 1980's sit-com "The Golden Girls," played by the late Estelle Getty, would come home, unsnap her famous wicker purse, and unpack a glorious bounty of filched booty.

She brought home pork chops from all-you-can-eat buffets, dinner rolls from restaurants, fancy linen napkins from people's homes, salt and pepper shakers from the senior center cafeteria.

It was cute when she did it, but how ethical is it in real life? Do you ever ask for extra Splenda packets at the drive-thru window so you'll have extra at home? Have you ever grabbed a handful of straws or barbecue sauce with your takeout? What do you think of people who smuggle cookies from the Chinese buffet?

---Samantha Maziarz Christmann


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