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Which is the Best Library?

TetonMoneySmart champ Dan Dore of Pendleton and a few other savvy readers have e-mailed the Discount Diva trumpeting their local libraries as a great way to save money on entertainment. Dan agrees the library is a great place to find the latest books, DVDs, CDs and even use the Internet. He estimates the average Blockbuster renter would save $500 per year by switching to their local library.

That got me thinking: which library is your favorite? We'd love to hear which local branches have the most going for them, and the coolest ones you've visited elsewhere, too. What services, attributes and events set them apart?Austintown

While I adore the Buffalo Central branch, I have to give a shout out to my favorite location on the planet--the North Tonawanda Public Library. It's a fraction of the size of Central, but I've yet to be disappointed looking for even the most obscure title. Hot, new books are sometimes checked out, but the NT library transfers books quickly and very cheaply.Mckinley 

Other favorites--for style, atmosphere and selection--are the McKinley Memorial Library in Niles, OH; the Austintown Library near Youngstown, OH and the Teton County Library in Jackson Hole, WY.

How about yours?

---Samantha Maziarz Christmann


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