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Five Things You Should Always Buy Online (and other advice for guys)

My friend from college developed Primer Magazine as an online weekly guide aimed at guys too old for Maxim but too young for GQ - so we're talking mid-20s, independent from the parents and graduated from college. It seems to be taking off. The content is getting consistently better and more focussed. One of its most popular topics is money saving advice. 

Take Friday's post Five Things You Should Always Buy Online, for example. Some things such as plane tickets and books are obvious but did you know that buying prescription eyeglasses online results in massive savings? (Actually, yours truly wrote about the benefits of buying eyeglasses online last year)

Check out this and other tips such as "What You Should Know Before You Buy Your First New Car" and "The 5 Best Sites for Great Deals on the Internet," among others. And, note, much of the advice is helpful for anyone - not just young guys setting foot in the world.

- Joseph Popiolkowski


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