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Finding the freebies

 Getting a free meal or an extra night in a hotel when traveling can only make things nicer. Now, discount online travel service Priceline is making it easier to find those little bargains.

  At, people can click on the kind of "freebies" they would like in a hotel, such as free nights, free breakfast, free parking and free upgrades. Results will show which places have deals,   the dates when they are likely to fbe available and the lowest prices. Or, put in the city you want to visit, and a list of hotels with "freebie"deals will show up.

  In case you're flexible on where you want to travel, Priceline also did a survey on cities where hotels have the most deals. The top 10 cities were Houston, Paris, San Antonio, Istanbul, Rome, Atlanta, San Diego, Miami, Thira, Greece and Indianapolis.
     It may take some looking around to find what you want: While hotels were most likely to offer free parking and Internet service, hotel guests appear to most want free nights and room discounts.

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