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Buzzfeed is Team Wegmans

Earlier this week, Buzzfeed associate food editor Rachel Sanders gushed about her love for Wegmans with a post titled, "25 Reasons Wegmans is The Greatest Supermarket the World Will Ever Know."

Sanders, a Rochester native, waxed obsessive about the supermarket's charms.

She lauded its cheese and baked goods, subs and sushi; called its olive bar "a vast land of mysterious allure" and averred its "bulk candy section will restore your faith in everything."

She deemed its private label brands less expensive and higher quality than national brand items and touted everything from Wegmans' diverse selection of shopping carts to its employees' great attitudes.

"This is not an ad, it’s just how I FEEL," Sanders wrote.

Buzzfeed is clearly Team Wegmans. How about you?


---Samantha Maziarz Christmann


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