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Is Drew Brees a Cheapskate?


New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees found himself at the center of controversy earlier this week when a blogger posted a picture of a receipt showing he left a measly $3 tip on a $77.41 bill. The post went viral, and fans were quick to shame the millionaire quarterback for being stingy.

But it turns out, the $3 tip was for a takeout order. Brees defended himself on Twitter saying the tip would have been 20 percent or more if he had sat down.

While we at MoneySmart applaud frugality, we never condone skimping when it comes to gratuity. But this begs the question: are you supposed to tip on takeout orders? Experts say yes, but how much?

What guidelines do you use when tipping? Do you scale your tip according to the quality of service? The amount of work involved with your order? Whether the barista has a nice smile?


---Samantha Maziarz Christmann


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