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Chat live with Janice Okun and the Discount Diva

Share your money saving tips and ask the opinions of Janice Okun and the Discount Diva Wednesday September 23 during a live chat on at noon.

How expensive is baby, really?

You've heard our take on the costs of having a baby. Now it's your turn to have your say. How accurate were we? Did we miss anything?

Our comparison of breastfeeding and formula feeding pointed out a lot of hidden costs. How did they compare to what you've paid to feed baby? How many of the costs were optional?

Our comparison of disposable and cloth diapers used the popular all-in-one diapers as its standard, for $16.95 apiece. Is that realistic? Or are you OK using the ultra-cheap reusable diapers and foregoing Velcro for the old-fashioned pins? If so, how much can you save? Is cloth diapering just as convenient as using disposables?

--- Samantha Maziarz Christmann

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