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Falls Mob Tours -- sad or colorful chapter?

   As home to one of the country's important but largely unknown crime families, Niagara Falls has a new offering for tourists, as we wrote about in today's Buffalo News.

   Buffalo businessman Michael Rizzo (pictured) is heading into his third weekend of running the Mob Tours, 90-minute bus rides to sites in the cityMike_rizzo_4  ruled by the Magaddinos for decades.

   The interactive experience takes customers on rides past places where the Mafia lived, worked and played.

   Sites like the former Niagara Street funeral home that was the Magaddino family headquarters

    Or the restaurant where judges, baseball players and other powerful and famous people paid the don tribute.

   Or the homes that were bombed, turning them into murder scenes.

   What do you think of Rizzo's idea to offer tours highlighting Niagara Falls' mob history?

   Is it a part of the city's past that should be forgotten? Or should it play a part in the city's future as an element of the tourist industry?

Aaron Besecker


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