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For sale: Unused marina on Niagara River

   A former marina on the Niagara River, unused for several years, will soon get a spot on the auction block.

   North Tonawanda officials have announced they plan to sell a 1.2-acre parcel at 1000 River Road at an auction, tentatively set for 6:30 p.m. May 18.

   The auction will happen at the site, a representative of Mayor Lawrence V. Soos' office told the Common Council on Tuesday.

   The city previously auctioned the property in 2005, but the sale was never completed because special state legislation that was needed never passed.

   That legislation still hasn't passed, and though the sale still can't be finalized without it, the city can legally move forward with the auction, said City Attorney Shawn P. Nickerson.

   Gratwick-Riverside Park sits just north of the parcel, and the city is planning millions of dollars in improvements there. The mayor's office would like to use the proceeds from the auction to help fund other city parks.

   Is the city making the right move selling the property?

   -- Aaron Besecker


North Tonawanda
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