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Manageable bail in attempted murder case raises concern

   North Tonawanda residents are talking about a story in The Buffalo News today about a city judge's decision to free on bail a woman accused of trying to stab her daughter last month.

   Elizabeth N. Budziszewski, 50, of Robinson Street, will not return home, but will wear an ankle bracelet monitoring her movements while she lives with a friend elsewhere in North Tonawanda.

   The victim of the stabbing, Budziszewski's daughter, Marianna E. Shucraft, 28, lives next door to her mother and now has a court order of protection against her.

   A caller to the newsroom this morning wondered if those handling the criminal case have a clear handle on how dangerous Budziszewski might be. He pointed out that residents don't know where Budziszewski will be staying, whether she'll abide by the terms of her conditional release and whether parents like him should be concerned for the safety of their loved ones.

   Budziszewski is accused of wrapping her daughter in plastic wrap March 18 and stabbing her three times in the chest with a hunting knife.

   City Judge William R. Lewis previously had denied bail but Thursday he set it at $10,000 bond.

   Defense attorney Thomas J. Eoannou told The News that will cost $800 with a bail bondsman. The judge said Budziszewski must obtain a drug abuse evaluation, which could lead to her admission to an inpatient treatment center. Eoannou said Budziszewski has issues with prescription drugs.

   Assistant District Attorney Caroline A. Wojtaszek said she intends to have the case moved to Niagara County Court as soon as possible, which would allow the bail issue to be revisited by a county judge.

   "We wanted it to remain at no bail because we have the case scheduled for grand jury Tuesday," Wojtaszek said.


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