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Steel company looks to WNY, leaves when it can't get enough electricity

   Wacker Chemie. Google. And now Development Steel Co.

   All three companies were looking to locate in either Orleans or Niagara counties, but left, at least in part, because they were unable to get an allocation of low-cost electricity they wanted from the New York Power Authority.

   Read about it here.

   State Sen. George D. Maziarz, R-Newfane, issued a press release this morning about the matter in which he heavily criticized the authority.

   The release included a statement, which read, in part, "These major corporations, all of which have been trying to set up operations in Western New York, invest hundreds of millions of dollars and create jobs, have been forced to look elsewhere in the country for one reason -- the New York Power Authority."

   While power was among the reasons Wacker Chemie didn't come to Niagara Falls, this situation again draws the Power Authority into a fire of criticism from those who believe it doesn't do enough for Western New York, which hosts one of the country's biggest hydropower plants.

   --Aaron Besecker


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